• background

    Daniel Stone, M.A., Ph.D., B.C.E.T.S., RCC (Reg. # 0327)

    • M.A. and Ph.D in Counselling Psychology with 30+ years professional psychotherapy experience and training in Trauma and Anxiety, Addictions, Depression, Chronic Stress &  Burnout, Executive Leader Counselling
    • Counselling Formats: In-person + Phone Counselling + Zoom 
    • Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress (BCETS)
    • Board Certified Expert in Emergency Crisis Response (BCECR)
    • An alumnus of the Oxford Strategic Leadership Program (Templeton College, Oxford).
    • Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC #0327).
    • Presided over Daniel Stone & Associates, Inc for 30 years (1987-2017): Providing short-term and crisis intervention and trauma counselling for leadership, staff and family on behalf of our regional and national corporate clients:
      • Vancity Savings Credit Union (23 years),
      • MEC (30 years),
      • BlueShore Financial (30 years),
      • BC Central 1 Credit Union (25 years: bank robberies and other workplace traumatic events),
    • Research conducted by Daniel Stone on behalf of Canadian Bankers Association, BC Central 1, and The Vancouver Board of Trade: Effects of Bank Robbery Events on Financial Institution Staff: A Multiple (FI) Study

    For more details, see Dan's full CV and details on the Executive Leader Counselling he offers.

  • counselling

    Counselling is Relational and Collaborative

    • Offered: Trauma and Anxiety, Addictions, Depression, Chronic Stress & Burnout, Executive Leader Counselling
    • Therapy requires trust, patience, curiosity, and reciprocity. The goal is to find and navigate the growth edge.
    • Navigating the growth edge means some degree of challenge and willingness to take reasonable, responsible, self-caring risks.
    • Counselling only works when you feel safe to reflect, examine, and experiment.
    • A main goal of counselling is to interrupt and shift ingrained, repetitive, dysfunctional patterns through providing new experiences and new understandings.
    • Ideally, find a therapist with whom you are at ease who can help you pursue areas that you have wrestled with or not considered.
    • We can have a preliminary phone meeting to ensure a good fit. If not, I am happy to suggest a next step.
    • Confidentiality: Personal Information Protection Act [SBC 2003] Chapter 63 (Updated and made current to 2020)
  • philosophy

    Approach and Philosophy: The Organization of Experience

    We all possess a natural tendency to strive for higher and higher levels of integration and organization. If blocked, the tendency is still there but the integration breaks down. What may follow are adverse effects to healthy functioning on multiple levels: personal, professional, relational. 

    This natural striving tendency animates and organizes experience through complex nuanced interactions between the five senses, reason (thoughts/cognitions/beliefs), perceptions, emotions, sensations, movement, language, and memory. These multi-level components represent the building blocks of experience: past, present, and future. Working with this rich and detailed autobiographical and interpersonal material imagines the self as always under reconstruction and forms the basis of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.

    One way to treat depression, anxiety, chronic stress, trauma, addictions, life-span growth and development is to provide you with the tools and techniques, guidance and collaboration that allows for creative accessing of the information stored within each of the layered, deeply interconnected building blocks. This opens up possibilities in present time for identifying, shifting, and integrating patterns of moods, beliefs, and behaviours.

    Trauma expert Peter Levine makes this keen observation: "We require dynamic equilibrium and relaxed alertness between stability and change." Too much Stability: rigidity, fossilization. Too much Change: dis-integration, chaos.

    Primary therapeutic techniques include: CBT, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Brief Dynamic Therapy, Client Centered Psychotherapy, Crisis Intervention, Phase-Oriented Trauma Treatment

Counselling options and rates

I offer in-person or by-phone sessions.

  • General: $160/hr (+gst)
  • Executive Leaders: $225/hr (+gst)

Cheque, Cash, Interac accepted. For additional information and other options, please contact me using the Form.

Note: 24 hours notice of cancellation required to avoid missed appointment regular charge


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