Martin Pinaud

Martin Pinaud, M.A., Psy. D. RCC (Reg. # 1992)

I have attained a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology from the Adler School of Psychology in Chicago and a Doctor of Counselling Psychology (Psy.  D.); I am a registered member of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. 

Since 2000, I have been an Associate with the counselling practice, Daniel Stone and Associates and we provide service to corporate clients. However, the majority of my work consists of private practice.  I specialize in relationships, communications, and trauma counselling.  

I use a collaborative approach that is specific to the needs and challenges of my clients.  I employ a number of techniques including the Gottman method in couples therapy, Johnson & Johnson’s Emotion Focused Therapy and Dr. H. Gerbode’s Traumatic Incident Reduction. 

I am genuinely interested in assisting clients in their progress and positive movement and being part of this growth provides motivation and value. 

I like to specialize in all types of relationships; Couples, Individuals, and Families. Every single relationship is exposed to challenges such as; traumas, accidents, sickness, infidelities, job loss, grief, and harmful communications cycles.  Relationships provide the greatest opportunity for growth and our greatest challenge at the same time. Individuals bring their unique history to each of their relationships. These histories contain our developmental experiences, interpretation of ourselves and our world, and how we currently cope and function. Understanding more about ourselves, recognizing unfulfilled intentions, and discharging distressful emotions are elements that will produce greater self- acceptance and communion with others.  I have also facilitated groups for divorced and separated people in British Columbia and in Australia.

I am trained in Trauma and am a certified “Traumatic Incident Reduction” facilitator (AMI/TIR). The scope of trauma ranges from the commonly defined PTSD to lesser traumas including, but not necessarily less impactful, divorce, job loss, accidents, and grief. These techniques for Trauma and Stress Reduction are very useful in dealing with emotional charge that is associated with themes (e.g.”your not good enough”), people and addictions.

Families and Parenting is an interest area that started many years ago with BC Families in Crisis. I was a group leader for BC Parents in Crisis for approximately four years. Adlerian Psychology and Parenting education are a part of my skill set that I have used in leading parenting groups which I very much enjoy and use in family sessions. This model encourages a democratic view of interpersonal relationships. Children and parents are not the same but are equal.  It is possible to define different roles for parent and child without violating mutual respect and at the same time maintain equality of value. The parent is the leader not the boss, the teacher. The child is the learner without being expected to act or fell inferior. Respect needs to be modeled by the parent if it is to be returned.

Individuals have the capacity to heal themselves and enhance all their relationships.

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