Linda Winder

I am a Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP) and Certified Life Coach (CLC). I have been part of DSA since 1988.

I have extensive background in crisis intervention and trauma response, and began my career at the Richmond Crisis Centre.  During my tenure there I also coordinated the counselling component of Richmond's Emergency Social Services Team and delivered private training contracts with BC Special Needs Parents Society (SNAP) and BC Parents In Crisis.

I have a special interest in Resiliency. Each of us will be faced with ever increasing pace of change - whether at school, work, or within our family.  We are all faced with more change and at a faster pace than at any other time. How do we navigate this and stay happy and well?

I believe we need to understand how the stress of change affects us cognitively, emotionally and physically.  Once more fully understand, we need to find effective strategies to ensure the stress response doesn't overwhelm us or take over. 

I have extensive background in training individuals and corporate groups in the stress response and how resilience may be adopted to increase effectiveness. 

I have a long-standing, keen interest in career development and the interaction of work and life balance. I have worked with individuals and companies to increase motivation and a sense of pride in being the architect of one's own success, personally and professionally. I am especially focussed on working with groups to assist with increasing self awareness, improving interpersonal skills and increasing personal development and peak performance.

 I am an avid reader and life-long learner. I believe in our ability, and necessity, to learn throughout the span of our lifetime. I am passionate about learning.  I love the outdoors and enjoy hiking, and am a passionate animal lover.

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