Lawrence Sheppard

I have a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology and am a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Life Coach.  I have worked for over thirty years in the Mental Health field.

I began my career working in children’s day treatment programs for the British Columbia Ministry of Health.  In my role as Coordinator of the Children’s Day Treatment Programs in Burnaby, I provided direct clinical services to the young children attending the program and their families. I also supervised staff and coordinated the onsite and outpatient components of these programs. During this time, I developed and implemented a new and innovative, multi-disciplinary, inter-ministerial treatment resource for school-age children.

I served for a number of years on the board of North Shore Neighbourhood House and also acted as a consultant for the child and youth programs offered by that agency. While with the Ministry of Health, I had developed a parent and staff education series and used this model to provide an intensive training program for the childcare staff of the Neighbourhood House.

I spent the next thirteen years with Vancouver Coastal Health, first as a Behavioural Consultant and then as the Manager of Child and Youth Mental Health and Addictions. During that time, I further developed my behavioural and family counselling skills and was subsequently responsible for creating two adolescent treatment programs for youth with addictions and concurrent disorders.

My heritage is Cree Métis and I have a deep and abiding commitment to helping to heal the deep wounds of aboriginal people. I have worked extensively with First Nations, including Squamish Nation, the Burns Lake Band and, more recently, with Nlakapamux Health and Healing in the BC interior. This work has honed my skills in the areas of trauma, abuse and addiction.

I am also one of the founders of the North Shore ADHD Clinic, originally created to address the critical lack of treatment services available to adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Throughout my entire counselling career, I have been highly involved in assisting children with ADHD and their families in managing the considerable challenges associated with this disorder. Through the new clinic, I now offer an extensive range of counselling and coaching services to all individuals with ADHD and their families.

I joined Daniel Stone and Associates in 2007 and provide individual, couple and family counselling, including EAP services, within this agency. I am also currently the clinical counsellor for Heskw’en’scutxe Health Services and, in addition, maintain my own active clinical practice.  My diverse experiences have prepared me to deal with a wide range of counselling issues and I find it immensely rewarding to help my clients address difficult personal challenges.

Parenting Counselling/Coaching

Individual, family and group sessions are available to help you address behavioural problems, family conflict and attachment issues. By developing and practicing effective relationship and child management strategies, you will deepen your connection with your child, as well as preparing him or her to be a responsible, well-functioning individual.

ADHD Counselling/Coaching

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is one of the most prevalent mental health disorders in all age groups. In adults, impulsivity often leads to struggles with time management, difficulties with money and poor driving habits, to name just a few. Problems at school and work, impaired relationships and emotional dysregulation are several of many consequences. It is also one of the most treatable conditions. Counselling, coaching and judicious use of medication are acknowledged as being the most effective interventions. I offer a wide range of services including individual therapy, life coaching, parent coaching, and behaviour management groups.


There are an infinite number of ways that an individual can be traumatized and the consequences can often define or shape our lives. Depending upon the type and severity of the trauma, there can be a range of symptoms, including sleep disturbance, panic attacks, obsessive thinking, depression, sexual dysfunction, rage and dissociation. Depending upon the client’s needs and desires, therapy may or may not involve a disclosure and re-experiencing of the traumatic event. Through therapy, there can occur a discharge of feelings related to the trauma and the development of a sense of empowerment and control over one’s reactions.


Addiction is a psycho-neurological condition that is best managed through a combination of counselling, lifestyle management, peer support and, in some cases, medication. Individuals with addiction benefit from cognitive behavioural therapy that helps them develop positive, empowering self-talk. They also must change aspects of their lifestyle that promote, enable and allow the addictive habits to continue. I work with substance abuse, computer addiction, sex and love addiction, gambling and other addictive behaviours.

First Nations

I am Cree Métis and have worked extensively in First Nations communities. My workshops, presentations and counselling with Aboriginal people are culturally sensitive and, depending upon the needs/wishes of the client, integrate traditional and mainstream practices. I am certified by Health Canada to provide services to Residential School survivors and/or their families and currently work for Heskw’en’scutxe Health Services several days per week.

Workshops and Presentations

Parent and Staff Education

I began my counselling career working with severely behaviourally impaired young children and their families. Although my practice has diversified over the years, I have continued to offer services in the area of behaviour management, particularly focusing on my workshops for staff and parents who are dealing with these difficult challenges.

My approach is based largely, although not exclusively, on social learning theory which emphasizes the application of learning principles to facilitate behaviour change. Participants will learn principles of behaviour management, strategies for clear and effective communication and techniques for deepening and strengthening the attachment relationship and setting the child up for success. They will also learn management strategies to reduce attention seeking, aggressive/destructive/unsafe behaviour and the “kingpin” behaviour, non-compliance. Finally, participants will learn how to teach, and increase the occurrence of positive behaviours.

Effective management of children’s behaviour and secure attachment are the cornerstones of a caring, respectful adult-child relationship. These two factors are also necessary for the development of responsible adult behaviour, healthy relationships and the ability to manage our actions and emotions.


I offer several presentations on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children and adults. ADHD is a disorder that exists across the lifespan and it can severely disrupt many areas of functioning. These presentations describe the disorder, its consequences and offer suggestions of functional strategies for both the person with ADHD and those with whom they interact, personally or professionally. Parents, spouses, educators, employers and others who have regular contact with individuals with ADHD, have all found this workshop to be valuable.

First Nations

Colonization and the residential school experience have resulted in serious, multi-generational mental health issues for First Nations people. Addiction, trauma and abuse are common in these communities and services are often sparse and ineffective.

Pieces Coming Together is a workshop that is available on a one- or two-day basis. Part one helps participants understand how trauma affects the brain and how this, in turn, impacts individual and family functioning. Conventional counselling strategies are provided in the context of the Medicine Wheel.

Part two of the workshop takes participants through a number of traditional activities such as smudging, brushing off, a blanket ceremony and/or a welcoming home ritual. This section of the program is co-facilitated with a traditional healer/practitioner. The Pieces Coming Together workshop usually ends with a communal feast.

Custom Presentations and Workshops

I am able to provide workshops, keynotes and presentations to meet the particular needs of groups and organizations. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Lawrence’s assistance was invaluable to our family and has improved the quality of our relationships with our children. His approach to child guidance is clear, concise and practical and provides busy parents with the management skills necessary to get things back on track quickly and effectively. I would recommend his workshops to anyone dealing with bright, challenging children.

Dr. Nancy MacKay
President, MacKay and Associates

Lawrence’s behaviour management course is a ‘must do’ for staff working with children having challenging behaviours. His parent education workshops are the best available and I have encouraged the parents of the children in our centre to take it. I have also received glowing reports on his in-home counselling work.

Elsie Webb
Director, Highlands Kids Club

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