Frances Hamm

I am a registered clinical counselor with Masters degrees in Psychology and Gerontology. My introduction to counseling began when I volunteered at a hospice while doing research on Dementia and Depression. After many enjoyable years in research, I decided to move exclusively into counseling when I realized how little support there was for people and their families after a family member received a diagnosis of dementia. Working with families stimulated an interest in counseling adolescents, work which I enjoy tremendously due to their original thinking and their concern with existential issues. These issues are of particular interest to me, specifically those regarding how we make meaning in life and how we integrate change over our lifetimes.


Having lived in several different countries I am particularly aware of the impact of culture and the difficulties we have when we move from our homes into a new environment and how these factors relate to broader life issues. Immense changes in our lives can present wonderful opportunities for growth but are often difficult to navigate and can be traumatic.  I enjoy working with clients to find unique solutions to existing or potential problems.

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