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Overview: Grief and loss
Grief is the natural reaction to loss. Grief is part of everyday life. Experts are calling everyday small losses “micro-grief.” The difference between grief resulting from small losses and overwhelming grief is in the intensity and duration and depth of meaning of the experience. From small to unbearable losses – grief is a natural part of living a life. Whether the loss is a death, a relationship, a change in one’s personal or family circumstances, a job, or any other source – we hope the resources listed will be of some value in support of your situation.

External Resources

Canadian Mental Health Association: Grief

CMHA's overview on grieving the loss of someone close. Includes sections on: understanding the process; the stages of grieving; how to cope (both self and friends).

Living Through Loss Counselling Society of BC (website)

LTLC offers professional grief counselling and emotional support to anyone who is experiencing stress due to life change or loss.

A collection of resources dealing with grieving, for all ages. Resources include: tasks of mourning; seven choices of grief; normal reactions to loss; handling an expected loss; handling a traumatic death.

From the Northern County Psychiatric Associates (Baltimore, Maryland), this site provides a brief overview on topics relating to loss of friends and family members.

Includes several articles dealing with loss, grief and care-giving, etc.

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