Basic Counselling Assumptions

Our primary assumption about human nature is that people possess a natural tendency, or striving, towards ever increasing levels of integration and organization in the way they think, feel, and act. These processes, when functioning relatively smoothly, represent one critical dimension of healthy functioning. We believe people are very capable and can overcome much on their own, with help from family, friends, colleagues, or, in some cases, just with the passage of time. Cultural and spiritual connectivity are considered primary.

Difficulties may arise when these natural tendencies become obstructed or blocked through cumulative, or overwhelming environmental circumstances; personal fear, doubt, or psychological, physical, emotional, pain; crisis or trauma, or significant life changes and disturbances. When one's natural, and near-at-hand, resources do not work to help resolve problems, professional help is one good option.

It is our commitment to assist those we serve encounter and master life challenges and to assist people in discovering ways to understand, resolve, and grow from these experiences.

Everyone has a range and variety of strengths. Our aim is to help identify the person's pattern of strengths and help activate the strength-pattern and direct these powerful resources toward the problem(s) to be resolved. We are interested in helping people build confidence and competence.

Our results are based on the thoughtful utilization of both traditional and innovative counselling practices and leading research on organizational dynamics. We provide expert listening, responding, and interactional skills designed to reduce obstructions, clarify purpose, and assist client's frame, develop, and enact their goals for both personal and professional development.